Pop 'n' pop (found PC puzzle game; 2000)

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Front game box.

Status: Found

Date found: 25 Nov. 2017

Found by: Tatsumi

Pop n' pop is a single/multiplayer puzzle game released by UK publisher Vektorlogic for Windows in 2000. This is an officially licensed port by Taito, apparently it's a cross of original arcade version and PlayStation version.


The game plays similarly to Puzzle Bobble (Bust a move in the USA): burst all the bubbles by matching 3 of the same kind but the balloons can be thrown vertically only and the targets to shoot at move left to right and vice versa. Available options include:

  • Story Mode (1 Player with advancing difficulty)
  • 1 Player vs Computer
  • Player vs Player
  • Challenge Mode (Test yourself on your skill)

PC Requirements

  • Pentium 133 or greater
  • 16 MB of RAM
  • Windows 95/98/NT 4.0
  • Soundblaster Compatible Sound Card
  • 16 Bit VGA Graphics Card or Better
  • 100 MB of HD Space Available


The game is considered extremely rare (most probably due to low production numbers and/or bad sales) and despite being listed on Amazon UK, the official publisher page[1] disappeared long ago and it couldn'tt be bought commercially or downloaded online until November 25th, 2017, when user Tatsumi uploaded the game onto Zippyshare.


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