Portal (partially lost television series; 2002-2004)

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Title card of the G4 television series Portal.

Status: Partially Lost

Portal is a television series that aired from May 2002 to February 2004 on the video game-oriented channel G4. It is notable for being one of the launch programs for G4 when the channel first launched, as well as being the channel's only scripted series at launch. It is unrelated to the video game series Portal produced by Valve Corporation.

Portal is a machinima series focused on Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs).[1] The show is a mix of numerous genres, including sketch comedy, satire, serialized drama, and nonfiction news, and informational segments on new MMORPG features.

Portal follows a Cybernaut named Dave (played by show creator and writer Dave Meinstein[2]), who is tasked with monitoring the transmissions from various online games from a place called The Hub. He is assisted by an artificial intelligence named VAL. He eventually finds allies such as The Drifter, Sonny Dove, and Grooter, as well as enemies such as The Ultimate, Apex, and Bob Claws. [3]

60 episodes of Portal were produced from May 2002 to February 2004. Of those 60, 37 have been found online in their entirety. Additionally, 2 episodes are partially complete. These episodes have lasted thanks to fans preserving them on video websites such as DailyMotion and YouTube. Information on missing episodes can be found on Wayback Machine's archive of the old G4TV.com website.[4]

Portal was suddenly cancelled in early 2004 when G4 decided to change its programming strategy in response to lower-than-anticipated rating growth. For a brief time afterward, Portal aired in occasional reruns. On June 22nd, 2006, Dave Meinstein, star, and writer of the show, also indicated on the G4TV.com forums that there would be a web-based continuation of the series, although these plans never materialized.[5]

Meinstein eventually left G4 and withdrew from having an internet presence entirely. Portal last aired in reruns in the Summer of 2008. [6] G4 went off the air on December 31st, 2014.[7]

Episode List

The following is a complete list of episodes:

Season 1

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Mission Briefing May 1st, 2002 Found
2 Anarchy Online May 1st, 2002 Lost
3 Asheron's Call May 8th, 2002 Found
4 More Anarchy Online May 15th, 2002 Lost
5 EverQuest May 22nd, 2002 Lost
6 More Asheron's Call May 29th, 2002 Lost
7 More Everquest June 5th, 2002 Lost
8 E3 June 12th, 2002 Lost
9 Dark Age of Camelot - Albion June 19th, 2002 Lost
10 A Very Swampy Portal July 3rd, 2002 Found
11 Dark Age of Camelot - Hibernia July 10th, 2002 Lost
12 Everquest: Past, Present, and Future July 17th, 2002 Lost
13 The High Level Hoedown July 24th, 2002 Lost
14 VBS Is On The Air July 31st, 2002 Partially Found
15 Dark Age of Camelot - Midgard Aug 7th, 2002 Lost
16 Visions of Rick Aug 14th, 2002 Lost
17 The Secret Origin of Grooter Aug 21st, 2002 Lost
18 Tales of Sacrifice Aug 28th, 2002 Lost
19 Love & Hate Sept 4th, 2002 Lost
20 How to Make Friends Online Sept 11th, 2002 Found
21 Vanished Sept 18th, 2002 Lost
22 Fist of the Redneck Sept 25th, 2002 Lost
23 Captive! Oct 2nd, 2002 Lost
24 Portal's Salute to the Elements Oct 9th, 2002 Found
25 Dave Quits Oct 16th, 2002 Found
26 A Crappy Portal Halloween Oct 27th, 2002 Found
27 Vacation Day Nov 6th, 2002 Found
28 Portal's 1st Annual Film Fest Nov 20th, 2002 Found
29 Searching for Bodies Dec 4th, 2002 Found
30 Virtual Arbor Day Dec 18th, 2002 Found
31 Down The Tubes, Pt. 1 - Enter: Apex Jan 8th, 2003 Found
32 Down the Tubes, Part 2 - Rust Jan 15th, 2003 Found
33 Down the Tubes, Part 3 - Desperate Measures Jan 22nd, 2003 Found

Season 2

# Episode Title Air Date Status
34 Down the Tubes, Part 4 - Heroes, Villains, & Bed Wetters Feb 12th, 2003 Found
35 Down the Tubes: The Aftermath Feb 19th, 2003 Found
36 The Trial of Zherbo Reaufeaux Mar 5th, 2003 Found
37 New Beginnings Mar 12th, 2003 Found
38 Plumbers, Gambling Addiction, and Tatooine Mar 26th, 2003 Partially Found
39 What About Bob? April 9th, 2003 Found
40 What About Dave? April 27th, 2003 Found
41 VBS 2 April 30th, 2003 Lost
42 Hearts & Boulders May 14th, 2003 Found
43 A Gal Named Yoodle June 4th, 2003 Found
44 People of the Portal June 11th, 2003 Lost
45 The Patient June 25th, 2003 Found
46 The Social Relevance of Film in Early 21st Century Culture July 9th, 2003 Found
47 Power Fluting July 30th, 2003 Found
48 The Wrath of Bob Aug 6th, 2003 Found
49 Boxing for Boxes Aug 20th, 2003 Found
50 The Tears of Little Michael Sept 3rd, 2003 Found
51 The Supermodel Episode Sept 17th, 2003 Found
52 Attack of the Unrelated Orange Villains Oct 1st, 2003 Found
53 Another Portal Crapoween Oct 15th, 2003 Lost
54 The Incredible Shrinking Woman Nov 5th, 2003 Found
55 Ultimate Victory, Part 1: Hawks and Doves Nov 12th, 2003 Found
56 Ultimate Victory, Part 2: Who's the Dummy Now? Nov 26th, 2003 Found
57 Portal's Weirdest Moments Dec 10th, 2003 Found
58 Ultimate Victory, Part 3: The Foul Smell of Death Jan 14th, 2004 Found
59 Ultimate Victory, Part 4: Tearing Through the Ranks Feb 25th, 2004 Found
60 Ultimate Victory, Part 5: The Day the Portals Died Feb 25th, 2004 Found