Professor Hastings (found "Sesame Street" sketches; 1969-1971)

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Professor Hastings

Status: Found

Professor Hastings is an early Muppet professor performed by Frank Oz from the first three seasons of Sesame Street. His character was best known for boring himself to sleep with his own lectures.

Of the ten known skits to include him, the following is listed below:

  • Four segments (two of them incomplete) have resurfaced in English as follows:
    • "Spinning Wheel" once resurfaced with the full uncut video clip (with visuals sourced from the German dub) on YouTube in 2006, but as usual, it had been long deleted. It then resurfaced as incomplete in 2013 (with the video starting halfway through the song), due to the only found VHS recording of the German dub being taken from RanzigTV's uploads (whose Sesamstraße clips always missed out the beginning portions of any clip). The entire uncut version of the clip came back online in June 2020 as a result of the entire German clip resurfacing on Sesamstraße's official FaceBook page.
    • "Letter Y" was once posted on YouTube in German (and its entirety) decades ago but has been long gone. On May 29th, 2021, JFriendsFan96 posted a 15-second clip of the skit in English, taken from a recent Sesame Street 2021 documentary "Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street".
    • "Emotions" partially resurfaced in English (using a few actual English audio pieces taken from a Learning Matters Sesame Street documentary, while the rest of the video was fandubbed by JFriendsFan96) with the video source deriving from the German dub.
    • "Exercise" can be viewed on Muppet Wiki's Facebook page.
    • The "Foot" segment of What's My Part? has since been making the rounds on YouTube.
  • Two other dubbed segments have resurfaced.
    • The two-part skit "Body Parts" in German has been included (in its entirety) as one of the bonus skits on the DVD release of Sesamstrasse Classics: Die 70er Jahre.
    • Number 2's existence as a separate skit was rumored for many years, but this was debunked as the Number 2 skit actually turned out to be the same Dump Truck skit (thanks to a full episode guide for Episode 0141 that was recently added to Muppet Wiki via a trusted source) that had been found in Arabic.
  • The Letter U skit was once posted on YouTube in German back in 2006. Still, as usual (along with all the other German Sesamstraße clips), it was pulled in February 2007 as a result of Viacom pulling 400,000,000 YouTubers and has not resurfaced ever since. From Episode 0176, it was rumored to have been a filmed version of the song from The Muppet Alphabet Album titled "U Lecture" (which is linked below), but on December 19th, 2020, Oscarfan uploaded a screenshot of the skit, and it turns out it is actually a Season 2 sketch similar to the Y Lecture skit, only with the Orange Gold AM as usual from Season 2.


Despite the 10 skits known to include him, the original drafted script for Episode 0138 actually contains a 3-part skit involving the ET word family, with Professor Hastings doing a lecture and Grover carrying the letters. Because of Hastings' appearance in the script, it was rumoured for a little while that Hastings was in the filmed skit, but when Scarecroe recently started uploading screenshots of many long-unseen Classic Sesame Street episodes (especially for this skit) on Muppet Wiki during May of 2019, the rumour about Hastings' appearance in the final was debunked as it turns out he was replaced with Herbert Birdsfoot doing the lecture, while Grover remained intact.

On July 10th and July 31st, 2022, YouTube User RyNo84 uploaded the Letter Y, Emotions, Big & Little and Body Parts sketches to YouTube.

On August 16th, 2022, YouTube user Max Goudiss uploaded the Two Trucks, Letter U, and Pogo Stick sketches to YouTube. However, these three sketches were removed by the uploader only four days later. However, they were re-uploaded several months later by Youtube user Treble Gnocchi.


Spinning Wheel.

Letter Y.


Two Dump Trucks.

Big and Little.

Body Parts.

What's My Part?: Foot.

Letter U.


Pogo Stick.

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