Prometheus and Bob (lost production material of cancelled film adaptation of "KaBlam!" Nickelodeon stop-motion animated series; late 1990s)

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Still from the original series.

Status: Lost

Prometheus and Bob is a cartoon sketch from the late-1990s Nickelodeon TV show KaBlam! In 1998, during production of the third season of KaBlam!, a live-action film adaptation of the popular short was announced by Nickelodeon Movies. The film was to be directed by Harold Zwart and produced by Amy Heckerling and Twink Caplan.[1] Heckerling's interest in the series stemmed from her daughter's interest in it, as she said:

"My daughter first brought 'Prometheus & Bob' to my attention and I was hooked instantly. [It] is intelligent and hilarious."[2]

However, the film apparently fell through due to a lack of interest and certain problems with the original owner still owning the rights to the comic book the characters originally appeared in. If any film drafts were produced then it is safe to say that they are now officially lost but more likely the film never got far past the planning stage as it ultimately fell through due to "lack of interest." Not much else is known about the film or the progress that was made before its cancellation.

It is rumored that there is also a cancelled Off Beats film adaption but not enough info is available online so it is likely false.

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