Promo Album (found Vincent De Moor album; 2005)

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Vincent de Moor.

Status: Found

Date found: 2 Mar 2021

Found by: Billski

Vincent de Moor is a Dutch trance artist, most notable for his work with the record producer Ferry Corsten under the working title, "Veracocha," and for his 2001 single, "Fly Away".

Promo Album

Vincent de Moor, a trance music composer/producer from the Netherlands, sent a promotion album to various record companies in 2005, as a way to showcase his newly produced tracks.[1] Although tracks 2 ("Mystique Colors") & 6 ("Cressidia") would later be released as a single on the Black Hole Recordings label, the rest of the album has never been released to the public.[2] The unreleased tracks were uploaded by YouTube user Billski on March 2nd, 2021. [3]


"Mystique Colors" (Track 2)

"Cressidia" (Track 6)


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