Pulse 3D (partially found 3D web plugin content; 1999-2001)

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Pulse Entertainment

Status: Partially Found

Pulse 3D was a 3D web plugin launched in 1999. It was designed to stream interactive 2D and 3D animations to the web. It went defunct around 2001 when Pulse Entertainment shifted focus to mobile and communication projects. Their clients include Warner Bros, The Jim Henson Company, Budweiser, Mattel, NBC, Electronic Arts, Rokenbok and more.


Pulse 3D was designed to stream 3D characters and models over the internet with bone deformation, lip syncing, target morphing, adaptive smoothing, texture mapping, rendering, lighting, animation and scripting. The file sizes were around 330KB, making it easy to stream, and the files would be cached on the user's computer. The editing tool was known as "Pulse Creator". Known file formats are PWS and PWC. PWC appears to be a loader and PWS is content.


Some of their projects may be able to be restored, as some still have the PWS and PWC files on their native sites via Wayback Machine, and the installer for the web player can be found here.


Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

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