Queen's Crown (found de-listed iOS game; 2009-2013)

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Queens main.jpg

The game's logo.

Status: Found

Date found: 01 May '17

Found by: TServo2049

Queen's Crown was an iOS game published and developed by Com2Us in 2009. The game was reminiscent of the Beyond Oasis series and featured Zelda-esque gameplay but with stronger RPG Elements.

The story involved a missing princess named Ann, who had to run away from home to avoid being slaughtered like the rest of her family. She is guided by the Grim Reaper on her journey to avenge her family. Unlike most iOS RPGs at the time, much attention to detail was put into the game, such as separate BGM and SFX audio controls, and Ann playing the flute when left alone for long enough.

Sadly, the game was pulled from the App Store in 2013 for unknown reasons and hasn't been seen since.

In May 2017, LMW member TServo2049 found a .ipa file of version 1.0.0 of the game in a pack of various apps uploaded to the Usenet group alt.binaries.warez in 2010. He subsequently located another .ipa of version 1.1.3, the latest update of the game, on a Vietnamese download site. Both versions have been reuploaded, and can now be downloaded. (NOTE: This game is not playable on modern iPhones, only on older devices/OS versions.)


Gameplay trailer.

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