RA Homevision (lost commercial for Filipino video rental shop; 1990s)

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A scene from the IBC 13 show Sic O' Clock News that bears resemblance to the alien hand on the spaceship scene.

Status: Lost

RA Homevision was a video rental shop in the Philippines. Sometime in the 1990s, a commercial was made advertising the rental shop which is said to be aired on RPN-9 and ABC-5. The commercial was unintentionally creepy to viewers due to the "alien hand on a spaceship" scene.

Aside from its creepiness, the commercial became iconic to Filipinos alongside Encarnacion Bechaves. The commercial hasn't yet resurfaced online.

Premise[edit | edit source]

The commercial starts off with a space background and fight scene-type music. The "Movies, Movies, Movies" are displayed then the alien hand on the spaceship (eyewitnesses claim its werewolf/gorilla/zombie hand) appeared. Then, while the voiceover speaks VHS tapes are gradually stacking like dominos. The words "RA Homevision, Your Dependable Home Video Services" are then displayed with moving squares zooming three times, and afterwards a diamond moving was shown. Then, Michael Jackson performing Smooth Criminal was shown, and then stars displayed one by one (with genres inside: Drama, Action, etc.). VHS and Betamax tapes stacking up were shown, tape sides displayed for a second, and a woman screaming in the bathroom, helicopter flying in the air, Mr. T on the ring with some saying punching a punchbag, cat catches a Smurf, a circle opening on the black background, and a blurry pageant event (some says a Oscars/Academy Awards scene) with And More displayed. A human hand was then shown putting a tape on a player and the RA Homevision logo with the slogan, address, and telephone number are displayed.[1]

The voiceover, who is said to be Frankie Evangelista said along these lines:

"Looking for entertainment? Take in, zero in and rent your favorite VHS tapes from RA HOMEVISION! Your dependable home video services where you can find those Box Office Hits, guaranteed top-quality VHS tapes at very popular prices! We got them! VHS Thrillers! Adventures! Dramas! Sports! Cartoons! Award Winners! And more! Come and bring home the excitement! Go to RA HOMEVISION at #5 Dian St., Cash & Carry, Makati!"[2]

The woman screaming in the bathroom and the alien hand on the spaceship were said to be the creepiness behind the commercial, according to eyewitnesses. There is also said to be a Star Wars scene starring Han Solo, Rambo scene, and an E.T. scene.[3] According to an eyewitness, the real soundtrack of the commercial was from a late 70s-80s B-movie aired on CTV-31 and it is a fight scene music.

Availability[edit | edit source]

The commercial was said to be aired on WWF on ABC-5/IBC-13, All-Star Wrestling on IBC-13[4] and The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime on RPN-9,[5] alongside Encarnacion Bechaves. The commercial was aired in the 1990s, with its earliest appearance on 1986, in 1991 and the mid-1990s.[6] It was also said to be aired on boxing matches in RPN-9 and IBC-13 according to claims[7] and that it was first aired on late 80s.[8]

Just like Encarnacion Bechaves, the earliest mention of it online dates back to 2000[9] in the PinoyExchange forum. The commercial hasn't yet resurfaced, but multiple recreations, with the background music to the commercial itself were recreated by people.

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