REC (lost English dub of anime series; 2007-2008)

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REC (English dub)
Cover image for the series.
Cover image for the series.
Status Lost

REC is a 9-episode drama/romantic anime about an aspiring voice actress based on the manga with the same name. It originally aired in Japan from February 2, 2006 to March 30, 2006.

Animax Asia aired an English dubbed version of REC in 2007 and/or 2008 on weekends.[1][2] Voice actress Emily Woo Zeller voiced the characters Tanaka and Yoshioka, David Lee McKinney also voiced characters.[3][4] No footage of the dub has appeared online.






9 months ago
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I could had sworn I heard it once in the lowest of '08 quality back then but I might be wrong (or it might had just been a short promo in animax's site back then).

Glad that someone out there remembered this as I forgot it existed.

Anonymous user #1

9 months ago
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Yeah, glad that someone's heard of it, do you remember where you might have seen it by any chance Vilapupu?

Anonymous user #2

6 months ago
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Ugh the feels. I was getting nostalgic about this anime. I wish someone uploads the dubbed version. The Audrey Hepburn lines were enchanting in the English dub.
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