Rabbits' Revenge (found unreleased Melvins song; mid-1980s)

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The album containing the song with a sample from the unreleased Melvins performance.

Status: Found

Date found: 18 Jan 2020

Found by: Distort Oakland, Chris Dodge

Rabbits' Revenge is an unreleased track by American sludge metal/experimental metal band the Melvins. The track was allegedly played live by the band in the mid-1980s.


The Seattle-based drone metal band Sunn O))) released a song titled Rabbits' Revenge on their 2000 debut album ØØ Void (also known as "Double-O Void") that was credited to the Melvins. This "cover" of the supposed Melvins song features a sample of a Melvins performance from roughly 5:20 to 6:20, in which Melvins lead singer/guitarist Buzz Osborne can be heard singing the words "I get my revenge" or something similar.

Greg Anderson, guitarist for Sunn O))), may be the only person in possession of this recording, which, according to a comment on a YouTube video,[1] may have been recorded by Chris Quinn of the Skank Puppies during a 1985 live performance by the Melvins. The user (Anderson) also claims the video on YouTube to be the same one sampled in the Sunn O))) song.

This YouTube video is possibly the only available recording of the song online, beginning at 16:52.

A similarly-titled song, Hung Bunny, can be found on the Melvins' 1992 album Lysol; however, this song seems to follow a different chord progression from the Sunn O))) song, and does not feature the sample used in the cover. Further, this is disputed in an article on the Village Voice.[2]

It is unknown if a studio recording of this song exists, or if the band even intended to record it.

On January 18th, 2020, the unreleased track was included in a 1985 rehearsal tape provided by Chris Dodge to the Distort Oakland blogspot[3][4] and was subsequently uploaded to their YouTube channel, marking the entire song found. The person who had recorded the rehearsal tape is unknown.


A digitized recording of the song (16:52).

The Melvins' 1985 rehearsal tape that includes the song (13:09 - 16:39). All rights go to Chris Dodge, Distort Oakland, and The Melvins.