Radio Flyer (non-existent build of cancelled Super Nintendo movie tie-in game; 1992)

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This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its mentions of child abuse.


Cover of the game.

Status: Non-existent

Radio Flyer is a cancelled flying game that was in development by Ocean for the Super Nintendo based on the 1992 drama movie of the same name. It was scheduled for release sometime in 1992.[1] The game was cancelled for unknown reasons, but a possible reason could be that it was based on a movie about child physical abuse.

In issue 23 of the UK gaming magazine Retro Gamer, it was confirmed by former Ocean employee and artist Brian Flanaghan that development for Radio Flyer was axed before it even started. The movie being about child abuse appears to be the reason for its cancellation.[2] The screenshots sent to gaming magazines could possibly have been mockups of what the game would have been like.


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