Ralph Nader Crashes the Two Parties (partially found mock debate film; 2004)

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Status: Partially Found

Ralph Nader Crashes the Two Parties was a film directed by the indie filmmaker Jürgen Vsych.[1] It was sold online as a DVD as part of Ralph Nader's 2004 independent bid for the Presidency of the United States.[2] Copies are seemingly non-existent, as the film is no longer for sale, and the full film has not been archived.


The film mostly shows Ralph debating sound clips of John Kerry and George Bush, depicted as puppets, as a result of being excluded from the 2004 debates. The movie also includes other footage, in a documentary style.


Short pieces of the film are available on the director's old YouTube page. Only 6 minutes of footage has been uploaded online as of February 2020.


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