Rayman 2: The Great Escape (lost Lift minigame of iOS port of platformer sequel; 2010)

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Image of the "Lift" mini-game.

Status: Lost

Rayman 2 (iOS) is a port of the Sega Dreamcast version from the game with the same name for iOS devices. The game was published by Gameloft on the App Store. In 2013 the game was removed from the App Store for unknown reasons

In the free version of the mobile game, an extra option was available on the main menu. It was a mini-game level that was ported from the original Dreamcast version. It is called "Lift". The objective of this level is to swing up and collect twenty red lums. Oddly enough, this iOS port was not included in the full game.

At the time of writing this, only two screenshots and no recordings of the mobile level are available. It is not known why it was cut before the final release.

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This is an image of the demo menu. "Lift" can be seen. The menu from the full game does not include this as a selectable option.

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