Rayman Garden (found puzzle mobile game; 2001)

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Status: Found

Date found: Jul 2019

Found by: ClawGrip/MAMEWorld

Rayman Garden is a 2001 puzzle mobile game that was developed by Gameloft[1] and was preinstalled on the Mitsubishi Trium Eclipse and Mitsubishi m21i (i-mode), along with Rayman Bowling. The game is part of the Rayman game series and is the most obscure game in the franchise. The goal of the game is to find all Lums, avoiding obstacles, avoiding monsters and Bad Rayman.


The games after premiere went to obscurity and almost nobody talked for it for many years. Until July 2018, no footage of the game existed online, and there was only one screenshot available. On July 28th, 2018 YouTube user FrameRater posted gameplay of Rayman Garden. In July 2019, MAMEWorld reported that user ClawGrip dumped the ROM of a Mitsubishi Trium Eclipse MT-450 mobile phone which contains Rayman Garden.


FrameRater's video about the game.
Gameplay of Rayman Garden.

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