Raz (partially found Commodore 64 game; 1990s)

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Image of the demo.

Status: Partially Found

Raz is a Commodore 64 game supposedly made around the 1990s. The game is a platformer of sorts starring a green springy blob that has to get to either the arrow, or the door at the end of the level. For some reason, all of the map graphics in the game have been put in the only level in the whole demo. This demo is all that has surfaced of the game so far.

While the owner of Games That Weren't 64, Fred Gasking thought that the game might've been cancelled, a user called Dazza commented on it saying that he remembered playing it. Supposedly, he had dialogue like, "Groovy", or, "owowowowowo yeah!", meaning that the game might've been released at some point, most likely in limited quantities.[1] The demo features a track from DRAX called "Dirt", which is presumably placeholder music for when the actual music for the game is finished.[2]