Regular Show: "Terror Tales of the Park II" (found original ending of episode; 2012)

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The episode's title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 23 Dec '12

Found by: Keeginpwns

Terror Tales of the Park II is the third episode of season four (and eighty-second episode overall). It aired on October 15, 2012, and is the second half-hour Halloween special of the series. The following October, a third installment was released.

It drew an audience of 3.109 million viewers, beating "Exit 9B" which had 3.047 million viewers as the current most-watched premiere in the series' history.

There is an original ending that was scrapped in favor of an ending that would be less dark.

The original ending shows the gang looking at the ambulance where it shows what will happen to them. They see their dead bodies laying on the ground with the paramedics laying sheets on them, and the paramedic turns around to reveal to be a zombie.

The driver reveals that he's a zombie also, as he drives the truck down to a portal to a fiery dimension (presumably Hell) and ends as we pan out to show a jack-o-lantern that says "Happy Halloween."[1]

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