Rev Limit (cancelled N64 racing game; 1996-1998)

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Rev Limit title.jpeg

Title screen for Rev Limit.

Status: Lost

Rev Limit was an unreleased racing video game that was developed by SETA Corporation, a game developer that closed its doors in 2008.

Despite the hype surrounding Rev Limit, it was delayed many times and ended up being ultimately cancelled. There seems to have a playable version of the game on the Aleck64 arcade board, also by SETA. Supposedly, the game would be launched for the 64DD, a peripheral for the N64 console.[1]

In 2016, Japanese YouTuber コアラ's GAME SHOW acquired a cartridge with a playable prototype of the game, to which he shared gameplay footage on Rev Limit.


The game bears a lot of resemblance with the earliest installments of the Ridge Racer franchise. It featured a wide selection of cars, which are divided into 5 classes. The selectable courses may have had variable weather conditions, a feature deemed impressive for a racing game at the time it was announced.


Video showing gameplay of the prototype build.


  • The game's cars are directly based on real car models, however, they are referred to by their chassis codes instead of their actual names (probably due to licensing issues). Some of them have liveries which are also inspired by their real-life racing counterparts.

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