Road Blaster; Thunder Storm (lost Windows/Sharp X68030 ports of arcade games; 2009)

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Cover art of the Windows/Sharp X68030 port of Road Blaster.

Status: Lost

Some time in 2009, a company named "Jitensyasougyou" ported the two Data East arcade games Road Blaster and Thunder Storm (Cobra Command in the west) to Microsoft Windows and the Sharp X68030, respectively. The game was released on DVD format and was the first Sharp X68000 game to be commercially released since Princess Maker (1996).

Information of this port is very scarce due to the fact that this version was only released in Japan since no copies of this version were shipped outside Japan. Only the cover art and minor information for this port are only available. As of October 2012, sales of the Windows/Sharp X68030 port of Thunder Storm has been ended, while sales of Road Blaster ended in December 2012, making them harder to find.

Technical Information

Unlike the majority of games and software released on the X68000, which was released on the floppy disk format, this was one of the first pieces of X68000 software to be released on an optical disc format. Due to the game's large file size, thus the videos, of course, it was released in DVD format, making it perfect for this port.

X68030 system requirements for Road Blaster and Thunder Storm can be found here: (translated extract) "Operable only with X68030 / X68030 + 060 Turbo, Human68k Ver 3.02 (It does not work on emulator). HDD capacity 150 to 350 MB required (180 to 220 MB for Thunder Storm). To operate at a high frame rate, 64 MB of memory is required for X68030 + 060 Turbo. Since the supply media is DVD, in order to install, a DVD-ROM drive compatible with X68000 is required. It might be easier to copy to CD-R and then install it"

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