Robodz (lost Disney Toei animated TV series; 2008)

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Image featuring the 3 main characters.

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Robodz Kazagumo Hen (shortened to just Robodz overseas) is a short CG anime series created by Toei Animation and produced by Disney. The episodes are generally 2 minutes long. It ran on Toon Disney Japan from June 21st, 2008 to November 24th, 2008. The series is a mix of Sci-Fi, action and comedy.

An English dub of the series, directed by Jeff Nimoy of Digimon fame,[1] premiered on Disney XD in America in June of 2009, and broadcast on the network until 2011. A Spanish Dub and and Turkish dub were also produced.

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The series revolves around 3 Robodz ninja, Nejimaru, Sombrenosuke, and Drum Kanbe (localized as PinDz, SosDz, and CamDz), and their ongoing struggle to protect Earth from the Baddle (localized as Bugroy) army.

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