Robots Revenge (lost Discovery robot combat documentary series; 2001)

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Status: Lost

Robots Revenge was a robot combat documentary series that was broadcast on Discovery Home and Leisure in 2001. The documentary series followed the construction of the competitor robots before they would compete in a large battle at the end of the episode.

Very little information is known about the series. What is known is that Robots Revenge marked the debut of Barber-Ous, a heavyweight drum spinner who would eventually become a heat-finalist in Series 6 of Robot Wars. Although its construction was shown, it was banned from competing in its battle as it was considered too dangerous. However, its team would build another robot, Office Party, a flipper who would eventually win the competition.[1]

Another episode consisted of an antweight competition. This has been confirmed by the Team Panda website, who stated that Pants, an antweight that competed in Robot Wars: Extreme Series 1 and 2's antweight competitions, also appeared in the series. Other teams confirmed to have appeared in the series include Team Lightning and Team Big Brother.[2][3]

Likely due to its relative obscurity, with its existence confirmed only thanks to the help of several competing teams, no episodes have resurfaced online. Only a five-and-a-half-minute video, showcasing Lightning versus Killer Carrot, can be found on YouTube. It also remains highly unlikely that Discovery will re-air the series in the near future too.

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Video showcasing Lightning vs Killer Carrot

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