Rubbish (found Australian puppet film; 1982)

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Advertisement for a 1985 screening of the film.

Status: Found

Date found: 09 Sep 2015

Found by: Dycaite

Rubbish was a 46-minute film created in 1982 by the Marionette Theatre of Australia.[1][2] The film was live-action and was shot primarily on the streets of Sydney. Notably, it won the Best Film award at the 1983 ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) Awards and had allegedly won several other awards overseas.

Rubbish involved a young boy creating a world of puppet friends using pieces of rubbish found in the street.[3] It is perhaps best remembered for its antagonist, an eerie marionette witch, who relentlessly chases the boy down, frightening many home viewers.

The film is allegedly available on VHS at several Australian libraries and universities, along with a collection of production photographs.[4][5]

On September 9th, 2015 LMW founder Dycaite found the film and uploaded it to Vimeo as part of Found Media Week.

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