Sailor Moon (found unreleased full soundtrack of DiC English dub of anime; mid-1990s)

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Sailor Moon - Full Moon Collection.jpg

Official cover art for the full soundtrack release.

Status: Found

Date found: Nov. 20, 2014

Found by: unknown

During the mid 1990s, two companies, DiC and Toon Makers, were battling for the rights of the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. DiC wanted to localise it for North American syndication, while Toon Makers wanted to rework the anime series entirely, into their live-action/animation Americanised version. In the end, DiC received the rights to the first two seasons of the series.

DiC had altered several things during their tenure with Sailor Moon, such as choosing to replace the already made Japanese soundtrack with their own, in-house work. Some songs from the soundtrack did get an official CD release, like the opening theme, and several of the insert songs from the show, on the few American CDs. The rest, including transformation and battle cues, have never been released in their untouched versions.

There is currently is a petition targeted at La-la Land Records to get the complete soundtrack released.[1]


A few released songs from the DiC soundtrack.
Full Moon Collection. The full DiC soundtrack.