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Promo image showing the main characters James (right) and Sammy (left).

Status: Found

Date found: 31 Dec 2021

Found by: Matt

Sammy (originally named Peewee) was an American animated TV series created by David Spade and Drake Sather (who also wrote for SNL, News Radio, and the movie Zoolander) and produced by Brad Grey Television, Desert Rat Productions, Adelaide Animation, and Columbia TriStar Television for the NBC network. Only 2 of the produced 13 episodes were aired, those being Denver and Sammy Makes Amends.

The series ran from August 8th until August 15th, 2000, before being cancelled presumably because of low ratings and lack of any major promotion for the show,[1] which could explain why the series has gone lost in the first place. The episodes that aired have never made their way onto the internet, and, until 2021, the series has never been reaired, and aside from a few screenshots, concept art, a couple of script pages, and some newspaper ads the series remains lost. In 2021, the pilot episode was uploaded to YouTube by Matt thanks to a crew member on the show.[2]


The series follows the life of a comedian named James Blake (voiced by Spade), whose father, Sammy (also voiced by Spade)[3] returns after several years to free-load off of his son's success in the industry, and also to attempt to reconstruct his fractured family. The series was loosely based on Spade's own experiences in life, and the titular character, Sammy, was based on his father Wayne M. Spade, who also served as a consultant writer on the show.[4]


  • David Spade as Sammy and James Blake.
  • Bob Odenkirk as Gary Blake.
  • Andy Dick as Mark Jacobs.
  • Maura Tierney as Kathy Kelly.
  • Harland Williams as Todd Blake.
  • Julie Sweeney as Marie.
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Steve.
  • Olivia Hack as Lola.

Guest Cast

  • Janeane Garofalo as Gary's wife, Emily, and Rebecca.
  • Pauly Shore as Kathy's ex-boyfriend.
  • David Cross
  • AJ Benza as himself
  • Drew Hastings as Dr. Breman
  • Frank van Keeken


  • Creators: David Spade and Drake Sather.
  • Executive producers: David Spade, Drake Sather, Brad Grey, Marc Gurvitz and Richard Raynis.
  • Executive consultant: Joe Fury.
  • Supervising producer: Frank Van Keeken.
  • Story editors: Justin Adler, Bonnie Kallman and Keith Leslie.
  • Consulting producer: Ping Boucher.
  • Animation line producer: Janet Dimon.
  • Associate producer: Michelle Perslow.
  • Supervising director: Bob Hathcock.
  • Art director: Everett Peck.
  • Character designer: Kevin Pope.
  • Casting director: Bonnie Zane.
  • Produced by: NBC Studios and Brad Grey Television.
  • Animation production by: Adelaide Productions, Inc.


Olivia Hack's Instagram reply, confirming that there were in fact, 13 episodes produced. (courtesy of Marisam77)

Only two episodes were aired, but NBC themselves as well as released episode descriptions for episodes 1-8. There is no other information on the final 5 episodes (except for 100th Episode Party, for which a small part of the script for it, as well as a few backgrounds character designs, were found by Wiki user Loana LaLande) beyond the fact that they were produced, according to a voice actress on the show, Olivia Hack.


Art director Everett Peck said that he taped each episode, but the tapes are in storage.

On May 25th, 2021, Youtuber Matt Stated he had all the episodes. By December 31st, 2021, all the episodes were uploaded onto Matt's channel.



LSuperSonicQ's video on the subject

The show's pilot.

The show's second episode.

The show's third episode.

The show's fourth episode.


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