Schlatt Walk (found updated version of music video of Prince Zuko single; 2019)

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20210415 005044.jpg

Thumbnail for the music video prior to its deletion.

Status: Found

Date found: 31 Mar 2021

Found by: Icyphoenix

Schlatt Walk is a song released in October 2019 as a music video, by rapper Prince Zuko. There are two versions of the video. The first one, making use of a video of him walking towards the camera, can be easily found. The second one had a remixed beat, with a music video that consisted of Prince Zuko, wearing a pink skinsuit and a "Schlatt 2020" hoodie, playing the piano, exploring, and fighting with a friend. It eventually ends with a voice clip from CallMeCarson, the creator of the Minecraft streaming series SMPLive. Both songs originally stemmed from a joke coined by Jschlatt in SMPLive.


In 2019, Prince Zuko released his updated version of "Schlatt Walk" since the original used a remix to an instrumental that he did not have permission to use. Within a year, the song became the second most-viewed video on his channel, gaining over 100,000 views. However, in March 2021, Prince Zuko deleted many of his social media accounts because of personal reasons. Most of his music thus far was preserved on either his SoundCloud, his Spotify, or his YouTube Topic channel.

Although most of his songs can still be viewed, much of his previously released content has been lost. None of his music videos have resurfaced (except for "Chirpin") and some of his more obscure tracks have been lost, as well most of his non-music-related videos. Among the deleted music videos was the updated version of "Schlatt Walk" - though the audio is still readily available, the video remains lost. Most references to "Schlatt Walk" were community posts, which are now also lost.

The updated music video was reuploaded on March 31st, 2021, via a screen recording by YouTuber Icyphoenix.



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