Schrei 27 (partially found unreleased Diamanda Galás film; 2011)

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This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its disturbing subject matter.


Status: Partially Found

Schrei 27 is a film produced by the musician Diamanda Galás in collaboration with Italian filmmaker Davide Pepe. It is based on Galás' 1994 live album Schrei X. It is described as "an unrelenting portrait of a body suffering torture within the restricted confines of a medical facility, using the original work in addition to further vocal tracks and mixing. The film also features Salvatore Bevilacqua.[1]

The film premiered in 2011 and has been played again at concerts and other events, but has never received a fully digital or commercial release of any kind, rendering it unavailable to those that wish to see it.

A short, four-minute segment of Schrei 27 was uploaded to YouTube in 2012 and has 4,600 views as of September 2018. In two comments, a user purporting to be filmmaker Davide Pepe asks the uploader to take the video down, stating: "Diamanda and I worked for 5 years to made that piece and to reach the quality you've been so lucky to experience yourself. Please take this video down immediately. This is a work that needs respect!!!!!!"

Note from dycaite: All links/images/videos relating to leaked footage of this film have been removed at the request of creator Davide Pepe.