Sesame Street "The Frazzle Song" (partially lost clip from puppet show series; 1976)

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Frazzle's Expressions 5.png

Screenshot of one of the episodes from Sesame Street

Status: Partially Lost

Frazzle was a Sesame Street song composed by Sam Pottle in 1975 that originated in "Episode 0846" on February 9th, 1976. It was performed by Frazzle, with backup singing provided by a group of monsters known as The Frazzletones, including an early vesion of Harvey Monster who bears a resemblance to the pianist "Little Chrissy". The Frazzletones sing about Frazzle's expressions; whether he's happy, sad, angry, etc. The purpose of the song is to teach children not to judge a book by its cover.


Frazzle, against a green background, growls and goes off the screen. The Frazzletones then break out of background in a green iris (with animated ripped paper in most versions since Elmo Says BOO!) Frazzle appears in the iris as the Frazzletones explain how he expresses his emotions, specifically with a snarl that causes the outline to teeter totter at different speeds every time he does it. On the final part, Frazzle joins in with the Frazzletones before he sneaking up behind Maurice while the iris gradually closes disappears, leaving nothing but a green background and a cut to black.


In 2007, a low quality interlaced version of the original variant taken from Monster Hits! was posted by LittleJerryFan92 with cheering and fade effects applied. A high-quality version used to be available on SPGOALS TV's channel until the user removed it. It was re-uploaded by pogo popface in 2012.

The incomplete updated variant first appeared on the official Sesame Street channel on August 6th, 2008, before the original was posted in June 2011, and included on the 50th Anniversary song compilation. On this version, it freezes near the end and fades out instead of cutting to black, and the beginning was edited.

On December 31st, 2010, a full version of the original variant was uploaded by MarshalGrover, taken from Episode 1707.

On November 28th, 2018, Digital media resources posted a re-creation of the updated variant containing DVD quality clips mostly ripped from Elmo Says BOO! spliced with low quality clips taken from Episode 2933 (originally uploaded by a Deanmo account on Dailymotion that later got taken down) to fix up the 2nd greatest time trimming problem and omitting the ghost transition seen in Elmo Says BOO!. The actual full version of this variant isn't known to appear outside of this special.


A complete version of the original "Frazzle" song.
A complete version of the "Frazzle" song.

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