Sgt. Saunders' Combat! (original unreleased official English version of the SNES game; 1995)

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Sgt Saunders' Combat Super Famicom box art.jpg

Super Famicom cover.

Status: Lost

Sgt. Saunders' Combat! is a Japan-only 1995 Super Famicom turn-based strategy game based on the 1960's American live-action show of the same name. It was developed by Play Avenue and published by ASCII Entertainment. It is the one of the few Super Famicom games that is compatible with the mouse add-on for the system.

Activision had plans to bring Sgt. Saunders' Combat! to North America on the SNES, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons. A prototype of the unreleased SNES version was found and sold on eBay in October 2004.[1][2] A ROM of this version has yet to be dumped, however.



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