Sky Wars (partially found segment of English dub of Korean war film; 1976)

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Sky Wars.png

Israeli theatrical poster.

Status: Partially Found

Sky Wars (Dogsulijeonseon) is a 1976 South Korean air combat war film, whose 1978 English-dubbed international version is infamous for borrowing major portions of John Williams' score to George Lucas' 1977 Star Wars. The plot concerns a South Korean fighter squadron trying to destroy a hidden Northern radar station.[1][2]

Theatrical copies with English audio are confirmed to have been played in the United Kingdom (as Attack from the Sky, with minor cuts for violence) and Israel (presumably uncut). The only known home video release with the English dub is a British VHS by Private, which is missing a single reel from the theatrical print (~ 09'10" of footage, when compared with the German-dubbed DVD version).


Rip of the UK VHS


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