Smosh: The Movie (lost R-rated cut of YouTube comedy film; 2015)

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The film's theatrical poster

Status: Lost

Smosh: The Movie was a film made by the popular comedic YouTube channel Smosh, released July 22nd, 2015. The film starred Smosh's founders, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Upon release, the film was critically panned due to Smosh having little input on the filmmaking process and an amount of "low-brow" humour. However, what many do not know is that the final version of the film was not the rendition that Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox had initially imagined.


Originally, the film was given an R rating by the MPAA due to the heavy amount of sexual and foul-mouthed content that exceeded the standards of what the MPAA would deem suitable for the PG-13 rating. Studies have shown that out of all the ratings, PG-13 performs the best, which caused the film to be heavily edited.[1]

The studio that Anthony and Ian were working with were stricken with the news of this and knew that something had to be done for the film to break even at the box office. So the studio, in a panic, decided to cut huge chunks of the film in favour of making it PG-13. This left the film as a highly watered-down version of what it originally was.

This would later be confirmed in an episode of the Cold Ones podcast, which featured Ian, in which he discusses Smosh: The Movie and walks through its process of being made.


No scenes from the R-rated cut have been leaked online, and it is unknown if the original version in its entirety will ever be released to the public.


An episode of the Cold Ones podcast starring Ian Hecox, mentioning the development of the movie. (16:20 to 19:34)