Sondra Prill's "My Show" (partially found footage from public access personality; 1987-1992)

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Sondra Prill.

Status: Partially Found

Sondra Prill was a public access television personality from Tampa, Florida who had her own show entitled My Show which ran from 1987 until 1992. My Show consisted primarily of sketch comedy and music videos of Sondra's covers of then-popular songs. Three episodes are known to have survived, but none of them have surfaced in their entirety.

Most of the surviving footage is the music videos, the most popular one being Sondra's performance of Janet Jackson's 1986 hit Nasty which is somewhat considered a viral video. In 2006, a collection of Sondra Prill clips was uploaded to YouTube, earning Sondra a moderate degree of internet fame, only to be taken down in early 2007 after Sondra reportedly went reclusive. Because of this, many of this footage remains lost.


Sonda Prill's performance cover of Nasty.