Sonic Adventure New Year's DLC (lost "Sonic the Hedgehog" holiday-themed DLC; 1998)

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Japanese cover art of Sonic Adventure.

Status: Lost

The Sonic Adventure New Year's DLC was a Japan-exclusive piece of downloadable content released by SEGA to commemorate New Year's 1999.


According to Sonic Retro, when active, the DLC would place a traditional kadomatsu in Station Square.[1] The DLC was initially released on December 26th, 1998 and was removed entirely on January 7th, 1999. On December 29th, it received a patch due to a glitch that made it impossible to finish Knuckles' story while the DLC was active.[2] The DLC's file size was reportedly 66 blocks of memory, and the file name would be something along the lines of "SONICADV_001".


The main reason the DLC is so scarce and so hard to find is due to it only existing in Japanese versions of the game and for little time. The DLC remained Japan-exclusive due to differing tradition and release dates. The Dreamcast itself and Sonic Adventure were only released in North America the following year, making it impossible to obtain the New Year's 1999 DLC in the U.S.

Due to the use of the kadomatsu decorations, it also could not be reused for later New Year's DLC in the United States, considering Kadomatsu is a Japanese tradition for New Year's.

While some sites claim to have the file for download, all have turned up with either fake or with dead links.