South Park "200" & "201" (found uncensored version of episode arc of animated TV sitcom; 2010)

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A screenshot from "201", showing the censorship box on top of Muhammad.

Status: Found

Date found: 26 Apr 2011 ("200") 31 Jan 2014 ("201")

Found by: South Park, and Unknown 4chan User

Another instance of censoring Muhammad from "Cartoon Wars Part II".

"200" and "201" are two episodes from Season 14 of the South Park animated series that were banned after their original airing.


The two episodes form a story arc about Tom Cruise and many other celebrities teaming up to destroy South Park.

The celebrities want to extract "goo" from Muhammad (The Prophet of Islam) because he is the only celebrity who cannot be made fun of, and thus become untouchable.


Because of the Muhammad-centered storyline, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone received death threats from radical Muslim groups.[1]

A similar scenario happened in an earlier story arc, "Cartoon Wars", where Muhammad is in the center of controversy due to him advertised as appearing in a "cut-away gag" in the Family Guy animated series. Due to network pressure, Muhammad ended up being censored.

Muhammad originally appeared uncensored in an even earlier South Park episode, "Super Best Friends", without controversy.


In "200", the only censored element was swearing. In "201", however, any mention of Muhammad was censored along major cursing.

This episode arc also caused the banning of previously-mentioned episode Super Best Friends, due to Muhammad's appearance.[2]

Trey and Matt also have stated that the big thing they were focusing on was animating Mecha-Streisand - who is exclusively 3D-animated - not Muhammad.

Censored Speech

When the episode was originally aired, the entire speech after "I learned something today" was censored. Many viewers assumed this was a meta-joke on the part of the creators. However, this has been repeatedly denied by Parker and Stone.[3]

The original uncensored speech can be seen/heard here.

Kyle: "That's because there is no goo, Mr. Cruise. You see, I learned something today. Throughout this whole ordeal, we've all wanted to show things that we weren't allowed to show, but it wasn't because of some magic goo. It was because of the magical power of threatening people with violence. That's obviously the only true power. If there's anything we've all learned, it's that terrorizing people works."

Jesus: "That's right. Don't you see, gingers, if you don't want to be made fun of anymore, all you need are guns and bombs to get people to stop."

Santa: "That's right, friends. All you need to do is instill fear and be willing to hurt people and you can get whatever you want. The only true power is violence."


Although the censored episodes appear on the season 14 home video release, the uncut episode remains unreleased in any official form. It has never been re-run on Comedy Central. Additionally, it is not available on the South Park Studios website, due to Comedy Central's refusal to release the episode uncut.

However, in January 2014, a 4chan user noticed that the completely uncensored "201" episode was actually available on the South Park Studios servers, although inaccessible, and was able to be downloaded in high definition using rtmpdump.[4]

This copy was then leaked to the public and can now be found through various websites. Comedy Central has refused to acknowledge the leak nonetheless. The uncensored version of "200" was included in the Complete Fourteenth Season DVD that was released on April 26th, 2011, with Muhammad's name unbleeped.[5]


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