Space Ghost Coast to Coast (partially found pitch pilots of Cartoon Network adult animated comedy series; 1993)

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Title card for the second pilot.

Status: Partially Found

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is an animated talk show starring 1960s Hanna-Barbara superhero Space Ghost. It premiered in 1994 on Cartoon Network and ended up paving the way for what would later become Adult Swim.

Pitch Pilots

Before the series premiered, two pilots were produced to pitch to the network. The first one featured Andy Merrill as the voice of Space Ghost and reused old footage of Denzel Washington to make it appear that he was being interviewed. The pilot was included as a bonus feature on the Volume Two DVD under the title of "Andy's Pilot." However, as the Denzel Washington footage would have cost $25,000 to license, this released version is heavily edited to remove any trace or mention of him.[1]

The second pilot featured Gary Owens (the voice of Space Ghost from the original series) as the voice of Space Ghost and Emma Thompson as the interviewee. Unlike the first one, this pilot has never been officially released in any form.[2]

Outside of the edited version of "Andy's Pilot," all that publicly exists of these pilots are a few sound clips and images, as well as transcripts from both of them.


Stay Up Late Production's video on the subject.

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