Spanish Blood (lost build of cancelled PlayStation/SEGA Saturn pirate-themed adventure game; 1996)

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A screenshot of the game.

Status: Lost

Spanish Blood is a cancelled PlayStation and SEGA Saturn pirate-themed adventure game developed by Scavenger. The game was mostly talked or announced in E3 1996 when a few magazines published a list of games being developed by Scavenger.[1][2]

Plot and Cancellation

Not much is known on what the game was supposed to be about but it's believed to be about a seafaring adventure, with players exploring the sea on their boat, fighting against pirates and finding hidden treasures. Unfortunately, Scavenger had too many projects on their hands and had missing payments from their publisher, GT Interactive which led to a case.[3] In the end, Scavenger was forced to close down and Spanish Blood and other games that were being developed were cancelled.


Some screenshots were published online from The King of Grabs after being found in an old E3 press kit. Aside from these, no build has been dumped online.


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