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  • 20:46, 16 June 2020 0dd1 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Milo Turk No Sex Allowed.jpeg (image of disc)
  • 05:35, 15 June 2019 0dd1 (talk | contribs) created reply CommentStreams:D9227480fcbf0ed6e5f1d09ebbd9fbdf
  • 23:37, 23 May 2017 0dd1 (talk | contribs) add (I need to wonder if there's a version of the dub that doesn't completely change the cover of "I've Got a Feeling" to a totally new song.)
  • 23:06, 23 May 2017 0dd1 (talk | contribs) add (I would love to see the original version, but at the same time, I'm really glad they reworked it, since The Emperor's New Groove is a fantastic film. I felt really bad for the crew when watching The Sweatbox, though, as they seemed far more passionate...)
  • 22:52, 23 May 2017 0dd1 (talk | contribs) add (The story seems like it was a bit rote, but I love the artstyle they wanted to use.)
  • 22:52, 23 May 2017 0dd1 (talk | contribs) add (I don't think that would do much after all these years.)
  • 22:41, 23 May 2017 0dd1 (talk | contribs) add (Honestly, looking at this concept art, as excited as I was when this was initially announced, I'm kinda glad this wasn't made. Those concepts look way too dark, gritty, and realistic for a Yellow Submarine film of all things.)
  • 22:31, 23 May 2017 0dd1 (talk | contribs) avatar (uploaded new avatar)
  • 22:30, 23 May 2017 0dd1 (talk | contribs) add (I watched Pan-Pizza's video on this too.)
  • 15:46, 17 January 2017 0dd1 (talk | contribs) uploaded File:Apples in chicago.jpeg (Album art for The Apples in Stereo - 'Live in Chicago' (Lost live album; 2001))
  • 15:26, 17 January 2017 User account 0dd1 (talk | contribs) was created