Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (found pre-9/11 version of action-adventure game; 2001)

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Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (pre-9/11 version)
Cover of the game.
Cover of the game.
Status Found
Date found 28 May 2015
Found by ElVicioGamer

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro is a 2001 video game for the PlayStation, released as the sequel to the 2000 PlayStation game simply titled Spider-Man. Gameplay-wise, it played like a standard third-person action-adventure game, following the titular hero in his attempt to defeat villain Electro.

Though originally released on August 26, 2001,[1], the game was pulled from stores following the September 11th attacks, and was re-released on October 19 of the same year with various changes made.[2] The original version became extremely rare, and, for a long time, was nearly impossible to find in a playable state.


Though many changes were made to the re-release, the most significant alteration involved the final battle with Electro. In the original version, this fight was set atop the World Trade Center. In the re-release, the building was no longer referred to by name, and the level geometry was changed to add a bridge between the two buildings so that they no longer resembled the Twin Towers. Some have noted that this change actually made the battle easier, as it reduced the risk of falling off.[3][4]

Other adjustments included dialogue changes; for instance, the original version had Electro foreshadow the battle by saying he would be "on top of the world," which led Spider-Man to deduce the location of the fight. This line and any references to it were removed, creating a plot-hole. Other cutscenes were removed as well, such as a flyover shot of the Twin Towers.

The last of the changes involved retitling some of the levels. "Crash Flight" became "Wind Tunnel," "Downward Spiral" became "The Corkscrew," "Aces High" became "The Gauntlet," and the final battle was changed from "Top Of The World" to "The Best Laid Plans."


For a long time, gameplay footage of the pre-9/11 version had circulated on the internet, but no ROM images had. However, on May 28, 2015, a YouTuber by the name of ElVicioGamer posted a video of the final battle from the original version, with a functioning download of the game linked in the description. The file can be downloaded here.

Gameplay footage of the pre-9/11 version
Comparison of both versions of the game
ElVicioGamer's video, featuring the original version





Anonymous user #1

18 months ago
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some guy leaked this rom

Anonymous user #2

13 months ago
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That "2000 PlayStation game" was also on the N64, DC, and PC. As a Nintendo fanboy, I'm triggered.

Anonymous user #3

12 months ago
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10 months ago
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I remember borrowing a GameBoy Colour Spiderman 2 game called Spider Man 2 Sinister Six, in which one of the early missions involved defusing bombs set in the NY WTC. Of course, I played this in like 2011, and I couldn't get through this mission because of how haunting it was. For a long time, I couldn't find any info on it online, but after just googling it after finding this page, there's stuff about it everywhere. Wierd as hell.

Anonymous user #4

2 months ago
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I'm curious to ask, for collector's sake was there any distinction on knowing which version of Spider-Man 2 has the original Pre-9/11 copy? Other than playing the game and seeing if its still there? I know there's a rom of it already, but I'm curious to know.


1 months ago
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Anyone know if there's PS1 Version of this game and where I can get a copy?

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