Spooney Melodies (partially found Warner Bros. live action shorts; 1930-1931)

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Spooney melodies.jpg

Title card for Spooney Melodies.

Status: Partially Found

Spooney Melodies was a series of live action shorts produced by Warner Bros. made in the early 1930's that featured simple animation backed by covers of then-popular music, such as Cryin' for the Carolines and Just a Gigilo (the shorts themselves were also named after the songs). The shorts can be considered music videos to an extent, as footage of the singer would also be shown within the short. It also served as a precursor to Merrie Melodies.


Five shorts are believed to have been made. However, only Cryin' for the Carolines has been found currently, and is available on the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volumes 1 and 6. Just a Gigilo, Say a Little Prayer for Me, When Your Lover is Gone, and For You are still completely lost.


Cryin' for the Carolines