Sports 5 (lost build of cancelled unlicensed Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo sports compilation game; early 1990s)

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Listings of two versions of Sports 5.

Status: Lost

Sports 5 was a cancelled unlicensed sports compilation game for the Sega Genesis. It was being developed by FarSight Technologies and was set to be published by Active Enterprises prior to cancellation.


Little is known about the development of Sports 5. Its existence first came to light during Active Enterprises' appearance at the 1994 Consumer Electronics Show. The company, most known for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) compilation game Action 52, had listed two versions of the game on its Confidential Price List, for the Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). No price nor release date was confirmed when the list was finalised on 1st June, 1993.[1]

After the release of the NES version of Action 52, Active Enterprises had hired FarSight Technologies to develop their games. This included a released Genesis version[2] and possibly an SNES version of Action 52 that went unreleased, and Sports 5. In an interview published on Cheetahmen Corner, FarSight Technologies developer Jay Obernolte confirmed that the company had indeed worked on the compilation game for the Genesis, but made no mention of an SNES port.[3]

As the game's title implies, Sports 5 contained five different sports games, though which sports were featured remains unknown.[4] According to Obernolte, development had reached a stage where the game was in a barely playable state. Ultimately however, FarSight Technologies' relationship with Active Enterprises went sour according to Obernolte, and consequentially development of Sports 5 ceased.


While Obernolte confirmed the existence of Sports 5, no builds, footage or images of the game have ever publicly resurfaced. Nevertheless, Obernolte's confirmation that a Genesis build was being established, combined with another cancelled Active Enterprises game called Cheetahmen 2 had copies that were ultimately recovered,[5] does bring the possibility that a prototype exists. While Active Enterprises did state their plans for an SNES port at the Consumer Electronics Show, no build has ever been confirmed to exist.

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