Squadron Leader X (lost British World War II film; 1943)

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Squadron Leader X.jpg

Theatrical relase poster

Status: Lost

Squadron Leader X was a World War II spy film directed by Lance Comfort and released in the United Kingdom in 1943, whilst the war was still ongoing.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The premise of the film revolves around a German Luftwaffe pilot who speaks fluent English (played by Frederick Richter) being parachuted into Belgium in disguise as a British soldier and being ordered to conduct a false flag bombing which he would convince the local population was carried out by the English. However, upon landing, he is "helped" by members of the Belgian Resistance who smuggle him to Britain alongside stranded RAF pilots.[1]

Status[edit | edit source]

Squadron Leader X recieved highly favourable reviews in both the United States and the United Kingdom upon its initial release, but in spite of this, it is never known to have been reshown in cinemas after its initial theatrical run. In 2010, the film was included on the BFI's 75 Most Wanted list of lost British films. Although many stills, posters and a copy of the Exhibitors' Campaign Book have survived, the film itself remains entirely lost. [2]

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