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The band in 1974.

Status: Partially Found

Steely Dan is an American jazz rock band founded in 1972 by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. Over the years, the band has enjoyed many hit albums and a large fan following. Because of Fagen and Becker's disliking towards unfinished songs, many songs have never been released or surfaced. Some of these range from demos to fully fledged songs.

Found Songs

Since the 1980s, many of these once-lost songs were found on cassettes, reels, bootlegs, and CDs. Below is a list of the currently found songs. The table below is sorted by whichever albums these found songs were recorded for.

Song Name Year Found Further Info Link
Pre-Dan Demos ~1983 Demos that Donald Fagen and Walter Becker recorded purely to sell off to other musicians. Kenny Vance, a musician who worked with Don and Walt, legally owned the demo tapes and sold them off to fly-by-night record labels in the 1980s. Because of this, the demos can be found all over the internet albeit in subpar quality.
Sakka Joweda 2020 Found after Reddit user "TheRealPlastic" posted a list of lost songs and a commenter named "jimlikesmayo" posted a link to the song saying he recently acquired it from a person on Facebook. The song and alternate mixes of itself and "Midnite Cruiser" were sold on eBay in the form of a tape reel in 2013.
Gullywater ~1990 An outtake from the "Can't Buy A Thrill" sessions. Allegedly first circulated in the 90's, Gullywater stills exists on the internet today albeit in a low quality format. Also rumored to be a song retried in the "Katy Lied" sessions.
Megashine City (Studio Version) 2015 An early version of "Talkin' Bout My Home". Found on a tape reel bought from an estate sale with a few other lost songs.
Runnin' Child 2015 Allegedly first circulated in the 90's alongside "Gullywater". It is rumored the version originally circulated contained an extra guitar and a fadeout. The version circulating today is also sourced from the estate sale tape reel.
Any World That I'm Welcome To (Second Version) 2015 The second version of Any World That I'm Welcome To which was meant for Can't Buy A Thrill. Also found on the estate sale reel.
Instrumental Fragment 2015 Found at the tail end of the estate reel. It is debated if this is actually Steely Dan. Rumored to be a part of the lost song "Dr. Udu's Proto Man" which is also from around this period. Sometimes referred to as "Stay There".
Everyone's Gone To The Movies (Demo) 1994 A demo of "Everyone's Gone To The Movies" found on an old acetate record. Released on the "Citizen Steely Dan" boxset.
Katy Lied Damos and Outtakes (1980 Outtakes) (Demo circulation undated) Outtakes and demos of songs that made it onto the "Katy Lied" album. Also contains demos of "I Got The News" and "Black Cow" which eventually were on the "Aja" album two years later.
Mr. Sam 1990s~ Found alongside the "Katy Lied" demos. Originally one of Donald Fagen's favorites, the song was scrapped after a DBX noise reduction filter glitch which made the song sound "lifeless".
Funky Driver 1990s~ Another Katy Lied era demo. Is sometimes mistitled as "Gully Water" even though it bears no resemblance to the actual "Gullywater" track. Was also damaged by the DBX noise reduction glitch.
The Royal Scam Outtakes 1990s~ , 2020 Backing tracks of "Kid Charlemagne", "Sign In Stranger", "Everything You Did", and "Green Earrings" as well as a demo of "Don't Take Me Alive" have surfaced. More outtakes of "Sign In Stranger" and a vocal demo of "Green Earrings have also surfaced.
Aja Backing Tracks 2018 Backing tracks of "Peg", "Josie", "I Got The News", "Aja", and "Third World Man" (then called "Were You Blind That Day") have surfaced
Stand By The Seawall ~1990s, ~2020 Two takes of this instrumental song have surfaced. The most popular version surfaced sometime in the 90s while the second surfaced in 2020.
The Bear Late 80s This outtake is rumored to be from either "The Royal Scam", "Aja", or "Gaucho". The song was later referenced in Walter Becker's "Down In The Bottom" and played live on a few occassions.
Were You Blind That Day Late 80s Rumored to be from "The Bear" recording sessions. After the deletion of "The Second Arrangement", this song was reworked into "Third World Man.
Kulee Baba Late 80s This song was originally going to be on "Gaucho". A demo and a full band version of this song have surfaced.
Kind Spirit Late 80s Another song for "Gaucho". Lyrics are incomplete and mostly made up of "na na na"s.
Talkin' Bout My Home Late 80s Reworked later version of "Megashine City" with slightly different lyrics. Only surfaced as a low quality piano demo.
I Can't Write Home About You Late 80s A low quality piano demo, again from "Gaucho".
The Second Arrangement (Demos and Outtakes) Late 80s - Present One of the most infamous lost Steely Dan songs. The finished product was accidentally erased by a rookie studio engineer. Over the years, a demo, instrumental, outtake, and alleged demo fragment have surfaced.
Gaucho Outtakes Late 80s Outtakes and demos of "Gaucho", "Glamour Profession", "My Rival", "Babylon Sisters", and "Time Out Of MInd" have surfaced.
I Idolize You Late 90s~ A rehearsal performed during the "Two Against Nature" recording sessions.
Brooklyn (Live, 2019) 2020 The song "Brooklyn" played live in 2019. First time played live since 1974. Had went uncirculated for months until it was found a day after this article was posted.

Lost Songs

Many of these lost Steely Dan song titles were found because of copyright records filed by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker at the time. There are a few which were only rumored to exist, those will be noted as such.

Song Name Status Info Notes
Bus Driver Is A Fruitcake Lost A song Don and Walt wrote while attending Bard College. John Boylan, an ex-bandmate, said Bus Driver Is A Fruitcake was "completely off the wall for that time" None
Take A Dip With Dinah Lost A song Don and Walt wrote while performing with Kenny Vance. Vance's cover of the song was released, while a demo with Donald Fagen singing vocals has never surfaced.
Footprints on the Moon Lost Found in copyright archives. No other information has been found. None
One Ticket To L.A. Lost Also found in copyright archives. Donald Fagen apparently sang vocals and played piano on this song. None
Surreal Lost Also found in copyright archives. None
Shuffling Up Your Downs Lost Another song Don and Walt wrote that Kenny Vance covered. The Steely Dan demo has never surfaced.
Burn Baby Burn Lost A song that Don and Walt performed for their bandmates. Jon Gordon, a then 14 year old who performed with the band, remembers a few verses from the song.
Be Tender Lost Found in copyright archives. Supposed lyrics retrieved from copyright office? Supposed lyrics mistaken for "Oh, Mr Lyle".
Anyway You Want It Lost Found in copyright archives. Was mistakenly included on the tracklist for a "Sun Mountain" Pre-Dan Demo bootleg, but not actually on the cassette itself. Donald Fagen also sang vocals and played piano on this song.
Oh, Mr. Lyle Lost Also referred to as just "Mr Lyle". Found in copyright archives. This song is attributed to both Don and Walt's vocals. None
Number One Lost Found in copyright archives. Supposed lyrics? None
Tell It To The Fat Man Lost Found in copyright archives. Supposed lyrics None
(Stand By The) Seawall Existence Unconfirmed Different from the Aja outtake. First rumored on the Dandom Bluebook in October of 2012.

(Search "seawall" on the page)

Who Got The Credit? Lost Found in copyright archives. None
Burnin' And Freezin' Lost Found in copyright archives. Supposed lyrics. None
That Listless Feeling Lost Found in copyright archives. None
Giles of the River Partially Found Covers of the song by Denny Doherty and John Kay have surfaced, though the Steely Dan performance has never surfaced. There are rumors the song was circulated in the 90s and a few people claim to have it.
Jones Lost Was covered by Thomas Jefferson Kaye, Linda Hoover, and even Walter Becker himself (With substantially different lyrics) , Steely Dan version never surfaced. Thomas Kaye cover Linda Hoover live Walter Becker gig
Turn My Friend Away Lost Not much info known about this song. Recorded by Linda Hoover on her unreleased album "I Mean To Shine". The album was shelved and the album's title track was given to Barbara Streisand. Hoover has been working towards getting "I Mean To Shine" released since 2018 (Current state of the project unknown) None
Tell Me A Lie Lost Not much info known about this song. Given to the band "The Grass Roots" but never actually recorded by them. Additional covers by the bands "The Sound Alikes" and "The Studio Musicians" are known to exist but are extremely rare. None
Pearl Of The Quarter (1971) Lost Was included on a demo reel given to Mark Winkler.
Canyon Ladies Lost Covered by Navasota. It is unknown whether a Steely Dan version exists. None
Rapunzel Lost Song written by Don and Walt for the band Apogee. A demo of the song was considered for inclusion on what became the "Citizen Steely Dan" boxset. Metal Leg Article
I Mean To Shine Lost Covered by Barbra Streisand. Unless this is a typo, the song may have been played live once during the Countdown to Ecstasy tour. Live?
Proud To Be Your Slave Existence Unconfirmed Covered by Diamond Head. It is unknown whether a Steely Dan version exists.
Club Instrumental Lost Mentioned in a 1994 interview (17:42). No additional Info
Sakka Joweda Alternate Mix Lost The same reel that contained "Sakka Joweda" also contained a second mix of it. The "Sakka Joweda" that was uploaded to Youtube is all we have from the tape. Dead eBay Link
Midnite Cruiser Alternate Mixes Lost More alternate mixes from the Sakka Joweda reel. Picture of the reel
Roaring of the Lamb (2nd Version) Lost A rerecording of the Pre-Dan demo meant for Can't Buy A Thrill None
Runnin' Child (Original Version) Partially Found A version of Runnin' Child with an extra guitar and studio fade out. Source
Dr. Udu's Proto Man Existence Unconfirmed Rumored to be a full song. Walter Becker claims it may have been a part of one song. The instrumental fragment "Stay There" is rumored to be a part of this song. None
Decatur Mountain Existence Unconfirmed Seems to have only ever been mentioned by Reddit user "KidCharlem". May have been posted to the Dandom Bluebook. Reddit post
Steely Dan Schlitz Beer Commercial Lost Unaired Schlitz Beer commercial Steely Dan performed the jingle to
Razor Boy (Reggae Version) Existence Unconfirmed First rumored on the fansite and the Dandom bluebook "who could know that the track "Razor Boy" originally had a reggae drum part"
Gold Teeth Existence Unconfirmed An early mix of what became "Your Gold Teeth". Rumored on the Dandom Bluebook along with "Countdown to Ecstasy". Search "teeth"
Countdown to Ecstasy Existence Unconfirmed A song thats name was recycled for the "Countdown to Ecstasy" album. Search "countdown"
The Rolling Man Lost An early studio recording of the live song "This All Too Mobile Home". Copyright entry confirming its existence
Miss Irma Lost A song that may have complemented the found song "Mister Sam". Debated to either be a "Can't Buy A Thrill", "Katy Lied", or "Aja" outtake. None
Shanghai Breakdown Lost An "Aja" song. The title is simillar to the 1988 Donald Fagen song "Shanghai Confidential". Work-in-progress song document
The Bear Instrumental Lost An instrumental outtake of "The Bear". Some Steely Dan collectors own this song but refuse to release it. None
Home at Last Early Version Lost An early version of "Home at Last" mentioned in a Metal Leg article.
When Josie Comes Home Lost Early version of "Josie".
Heartbreak Souvenir Lost A "Gaucho" outtake Steve Khan recalled was scrapped because it was "too hard to sing". Was allegedly sold on eBay in the early 2010s. Also rumored to have been destroyed. Metal Leg Article

Email describing the Heartbreak Souvenir eBay listing Email describing the person who allegedly bought "Heartbreak Souvenir off eBay.

The Second Arrangement Erased The infamous "Second Arrangement" incident where a rookie engineer deleted the song "The Second Arrangement". Will most likely never surface in its complete form. Recently, engineer Roger Nichols' daugher Cimcie discovered a tape labeled "Second Arr". This may be a backup of an outtake or demo version of the song. Main Article
The Second Arrangement (Second Demo) Partially Found A 30 second clip of an unreleased "Second Arrangement" second demo uploaded to Youtube. May or may not be legitimate. Person who owns the demo confirms that the lyrics are the same as the outtake with backing vocals. Mysterious video of a "Second Arrangement" record
Someone Lost Taken from a preliminary "Two Against Nature" tracklist. Tracklist
Sharon Lost Also referred to as "Sharon's Room". Tracklist
Tigers Lost From the "Two Against Nature" preliminary tracklist. Tracklist
Wet Side Story Studio Version Lost A studio version of the live track "Wet Side Story". Announced as a title from Steely Dan's then new album "Two Against Nature". The song never made it to the album. None
Cash Only Island Studio Version Lost Same as Wet Side Story. Live track that never made it to the "Two Against Nature" album. None
Shape Of Things To Go Existence Unconfirmed Most likely an early version of the song "Two Against Nature" as the phrase "shape of things to go" appears in the song's chorus. None
Take My Money Lost Song played live in early tours. Was performed specifically so David Palmer could sing lead vocals on a song. Lyrics
Hellbound Train Lost Another lost early live song meant for David Palmer. None
Megashine City Live Lost A live version of the Megashine City studio recording. Another song meant for David Palmer. Source
My Boyfriend's Back Lost A cover of The Angels' song performed live by the group's female backup singers as an encore. listing
Make It Shine Lost An unknown song from a 1973 setlist. Could either be a typo of "I Mean To Shine" or "Megashine City" listing
Please Stop (And Take Me By The Hand) Lost An early live version of "Bodhisattva" mentioned in a Metal Leg article. Article
1972 and 1973 tours Lost Many recordings of 1974 concerts exist online but not one 1972 or 1973 concert recording has ever surfaced. This leaves live recordings of songs like "Fire in the Hole" unheard. Silent film of an early 1974 concert
Multiple Midnight Special Performances Lost Steely Dan performed their songs on three episodes of ABC's "The Midnight Special" television show. Out of those three episodes, only performances of "Do It Again" and "Reelin' In The Years" have surfaced. This leaves performances of "Show Biz Kids" and "My Old School" undiscovered. Midnight Special songlist
East St. Louis Toodle-Oo (Live, 1974) Existence Unconfirmed Listed as the final track on a Live Memphis 1974 CD, though the CD ends after "This All Too Mobile Home". Most likely a mistake. Tracklist image
Pixeleen (Live) Lost The song "Pixeleen" was played live twice. Those two concerts have never circulated. listing
Witness Lost Sourced from a scrapped song list List
Mouse Selling Salted Pretzels Underground Lost Sourced from a lyrics sheet. Lyrics
Who Was The Gaucho Lost Early version of "Gaucho". Song from the scrapped song list See above link
Day Glowsies in Riverside Lost Song from the scrapped song list None
Mobile Home (Studio Version of "This All Too Mobile Home") Lost Likely a studio attempt of the 1974 live song "This All Too Mobile Home". Listed on the scrapped song list None
Bottom of the Underworld Lost Song from the scrapped song list
I'll Sleep In Your Car Lost Sourced from an "Aja" era song title list. Also referred to as "Asleep In Your Car" List
Buccaneers Lost Another song from the scrapped song list See above link
Casa Nova Lost Song from the scrapped song list None
History Lost Song from the scrapped song list None
Company Lost Song from the scrapped song list None
Sisters Lost Early version of "Babylon Sisters". Song from the scrapped song list. None
Illegal Fun Lost Early version of "Glamour Profession". Song from the scrapped song list None
Gyrine Lost Song from the scrapped song list None
Put This Thing Together Lost Song from the scrapped song list None
Slide On Down Lost Early version of "Hey Nineteen". Song from the scrapped song list None
L.A. is State Of Mind Lost Song from the scrapped song list None
City Of Lost Song from the scrapped song list None
Blue Sahara Lost Song from the scrapped song list None
Carey Lost A cover of the song of the same name by Joni Mitchell. Recorded for a Joni Mitchell tribute CD that never got released. Source
Set in Motion Lost Song found in copyright archives None
Rough Stuff Lost Song found in copyright archives None
Hole in the Middle Lost A song considered as a bonus track on "Citizen Steely Dan". The only evidence this song existed is a quick mention in the 17th Metal Leg article. Metal Leg Article
Can't Buy A Thrill, Countdown to Ecstasy, and Pretzel Logic 5.1 surround sound mixes Existence Unconfirmed Every Steely Dan album had a 5.1 release planned at one point, in the end "Gaucho", "Two Against Nature", and "Everything Must Go" were the only albums to receive the 5.1 treatment Petition post
Alive in America EPK Lost An electronic press kit promoting the live album "Alive In America" None

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