Step Inside (found BBC live-action series; 2001)

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Step Inside title card.png

Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 18-19 Feb 2019

Found by: Anna Wise

Step Inside was a live-action BBC television series produced in 2001 and originally shown on the CBBC strand on BBC One and Two, and later repeated on the CBeebies channel until mid-2010.[1] The only human character in the show is Mr. Mopple, played by Chris Jarvis, who is well-known for being one of the longest-serving CBeebies presenters, serving until 2009, and still starring in a show named Show Me Show Me with his CBeebies presentation co-star Pui Fan Lee on the CBeebies channel. The other characters featured in the show are mainly puppets, including Twinkle (a cat), Boris (a bookshelf), and Chloe (a clock).

Out of 49 episodes broadcast, few were accessible by 2019. Episodes were available on BBC Redux, however, this service is only available to those with a functioning e-mail address. However, the 49 episodes were fully uploaded to YouTube by user Anna Wise.

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