Street Fighter (lost B-movie; 1959)

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The movie poster.

Status: Lost

Not to be confused with the popular video game series, Street Fighter is a 1959 feature-length movie primarily made by Arthur White, who is credited as Vic Savage.[1] It was directed by Joseph Sargent, who would later go on to direct large projects such as episodes of Star Trek and Jaws: The Revenge. However, Mr. White produced, wrote, and starred as the main antagonist all in this movie alone. [2]


The movie most likely hasn’t been seen by the public since it’s release as a B-Movie. Eventually, the only original celluloid copy in the world was destroyed when it was transferred to VHS and DVD by Universal Studios. According to a forum post about the film, “Some of the family members [would] rather have this urban legend... burned than anyone else owning it...” In the same forum post, the original poster mentions an auction going on for the VHS transfer of the film, however, there were no updates on the auction afterward. This film has some chance of seeing the light of day eventually, but it will most likely end up taking a fairly long time.

Plot Synopsis

An arrogant teen leads a gang, pulling pranks and making trouble. However one day, his girlfriend is murdered, which leads to him becoming a model citizen.