Sue Lightning "Final Chatterbate Stream" (lost adult livestream of trans sex worker; 2017)

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Sue Lightning, circa 2016.

Status: Lost

Sue Lightning's final Chatterbate stream, also known as "The Crywank stream", "Sue_Kalergi freaks out" and "Sue Lightning's Meltdown" in some circles, is a 2017 live stream where retired trans sex worker Sue Lightning (now known as Youtuber TheSphereHunter) had a mental breakdown during a live cam show. While many of her older shows and chat logs have been archived on various adult websites and imageboards, no audio, video, or even chat logs have been recovered of this stream so far despite consistent details known about it.

Background[edit | edit source]

Born on March 7th, 1993 in Little Rock but raised in New York, Sue Lightning (also known as Sue Kalergi and Sue Sandwich on some adult sites) had worked as a professional model before going into sex work as an escort through the suggestion of then partner Natalie Mars. With Mars she would then make the move from escorting to becoming a performer on the cam show website Chatterbate. Sue would grow into a popular trans model on Chatterbate, due to her gamer and geek girl interests appealing to many, leading to her at one point making front page on the Transexual model section of the site.

Her modelling experience and popular live cam shows eventually led to her being scouted for the adult websites Grooby Girls and Tgirl.XXX in January and April 2016 respectfully doing image and video shoots. Later, she would appear in an porno film by Grooby titled Tranny Vice alongside Natalie Mars.

Around this time Sue would become known among the Opie and Anthony fanbase due to an alleged relationship with radio host Anthony Cumia that occurred during her period escorting. Sue would clarify in a now archived Reddit AMA that she had no intimate relationship with him despite being invited over to his home for sex, since he found out she was trans.[1]

Sue would then move to Las Vegas, Nevada to continue her adult career with Mars. Her final scene was a hardcore video with the performer ChristianXXX in August of 2016. Citing difficulties that she would later go into more detail about in her final show, Sue officially retired from working in the adult entertainment industry afterwards. She would then start showing more disinterest in her cam shows, even ending them abruptly and using them to vent about her current situations at the time, such as how her and Mars ended their relationship due to the latter becoming bigger as an adult star and how being a sex worker made her come to hate sex.

In February of 2016, Sue would start up her YouTube channel in an attempt to finally get out of the sex work industry. In January of 2017 she would start her first Patreon titled "Suzi Cosplay-Model" which would last until 2018, where she would do "lewd cosplay" as a way of regaining confidence in herself and her body after years of being exploited.[2] After the incident Sue would completely retire from all sex work and after closing her original Patreon a year after opening it, all NSFW content entirely.

Eventually the Sue Lightning name itself would be retired by Sue and she would rebrand herself as Suzi Cosplay-Model and later her current moniker TheSphereHunter. During that time she scrubbed as many traces of Sue Lightning as she could from social media and has had a much more improved life being a Youtuber. But many tweets, videos, images, and streams from back then have been archived by people with whom her sex work has garnered a cult following.

Final Chatterbate Stream[edit | edit source]

In March of 2017, Sue would have a stream that started normal until she stripped off all her clothes. After wards she proceeded to break down crying and started detailing how she felt she ruined her own life by becoming a sex worker and by being pressured by people into doing things she didn't feel comfortable with. She also got into details about the shoot she did with ChristianXXX, claiming that off camera she was raped by him (in an archive of the stream that was found, he states that they had a "rehearsal" before going on stream).[3]

As the chat continued to mock her, a user donated an amount of money said to be around $500 dollars. Sue then proceeded to masturbate to climax while crying on camera, quickly shutting it off afterwards.

Aftermath and Availability[edit | edit source]

The incident was widely known about by trans porn circles and imageboards but appears to be totally lost. Despite that enough people seem to have seen the stream as consistent details about it have come up on various websites. Notably her talking about her rape by Christian, her being taken advantage of in life, and the "crywank".

In 2019 a website was uncovered by people searching for the stream on 8chan (now 8kun)'s /trap/ board that had a date that wasn't in any of the other known webcam archives of Sue's Chatterbate shows. Even including thumbnails of Sue in a red outfit that didn't match others out there. However the page is no longer available and no archive of the site has been made, but the url still exists[4] and the thumbnails were archived.

Other witnesses of the broadcast claim that the thumbs actually come from an earlier stream of hers that is already circulated, but without the video itself nobody can confirm. The same people note that the website only recovered a small part of the stream, which is the case for other archives of Sue's Chatterbate shows.

Also in 2019, a post was made on 4chan's /v/ board claiming that the stream was in fact archived and even converted into Webms by various users[5]. The poster claims that the video wasn't as extreme as most people said in previous descriptions but also stated details that lined up with what was known. However, in a followup post[6] on /gif/ a poster claiming to be the same user stated that he didn't save the video due to personal reasons and couldn't track down the website he found it on[7] while further clarifying that the full stream was probably not archived, stating that only the last 3 minutes were. Possibly confirming that the unarchived stream people found earlier in the year may have been it.

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