Sunday Pants (partially found animated short series; 2005)

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Sunday Pants.jpg

The show's logo.

Status: Partially Found

After its predecessor, What-A-Cartoon!, Cartoon Network created an all-new animated short series consisting of overseas shorts, pilots, college shorts, or even shorts created for the show itself. That show was called Sunday Pants; it first aired on the day of October 2nd, 2005. Sunday Pants varies on different types of animation, from traditional hand-drawn animation, to Flash, or even CGI. The show is written and created by Craig "Sven" Gordon & Stuart Hill.

The show has a similar concept to What-A-Cartoon!, except that the shorts are 1-3 minutes long and the show is squeezed to be 23 minutes (without commercials). There are animated and live-action intervals inbetween shorts. The live-action ones are preformed by american band The Slacks, while the animated ones are animated by WeFail.[1]

It was the second Cartoon Network show to be rated "TV-PG", after Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. The show lasted for less than a month, with its final airing taking place on October 23rd, 2005. In January 2006, the show was announced to be returning the month after, but said return never came to fruition and the series was ultimately cancelled.

The reason for Sunday Pants’ cancellation might have been the swearing and/or drug references. On one episode of Weighty Decisions, the angel claimed that the devil was drinking too much, and in another episode, the angel says "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"; one other instance is an IMP short, in which the Imp says "Damnit", and "Double damnit!" respectively.

While many of the shorts have since reappeared via YouTube, a significant portion of them remain elusive.[2]

List of known shorts aired on Sunday Pants

  • The Brothers Pistov (Lincon Peirce)
  • IMP (Andy Fielding)
  • Periwinkle Around the World (Aaron Springer)
  • Weighty Decisions (Adam Pava & Tim McKeon)
  • Travel Logs (Stuart Hill)
  • History According to Noodle (Andy Merril)
  • Oogloo & Anju (Ariel Martian)
  • Monstories (Lance Taylor)
  • Bernard
  • The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers (Dan Chambers, Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler)
  • The Topside Rag (Monkmus)
  • Show & Tell (Casper Kelly)
  • News Channel Station News U.S. (Stuart Hill)
  • Jean-Luc & Dondoozat
  • Crazy Demands (Craig "Sven" Gordon)


The first season was originally going to consist of 13 episodes. 11 were made, but only the first five aired. The other episodes were left unaired.

Found episodes

These were the episodes that were found online since 2014.

  • 1. "Dangerous Situations"
  • 2. "Insatiable Cravings"
  • 3. "You Can't Get There From Here"
  • 4. "Sports"
  • 5. "Let Me Entertain You"

Unaired Episodes

After Cartoon Network decided to pull the plug, the other episodes were left unaired.

Finished Episodes

These were the episodes that were officially produced, but were left unaired.

  • 6. "Does It Bite?"
  • 7. "Feed Me"
  • 8. "Workin' It"
  • 9. "I Don't Feel So Good"
  • 10. "Lasers (Misc.)"
  • 11. "Short People in Desks"

Cancelled Episodes

When the show was cancelled after 11 episodes were made, and only the first five aired, there were two episodes that were left unfinished.

  • 12. "Funny Sweet"
  • 13. "Just Add Sauce"