Super Dog Booby: Akachan Daibōken no Maki (lost build of cancelled Famicom game; 1991)

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An ad for the game.

Status: Lost

Super Dog Booby: Akachan Daibōken no Maki (スーパードッグブービー 赤ちゃん大ぼうけんの巻 Super Dog Booby: Tale of Baby's Great Adventure[1]) is a cancelled comic book-style platform action game that was in development in 1991 by Jaleco for the Famicom.


When Alfred's mother dozed off asleep, baby Alfred has hit the streets. To protect him, Booby must battle menacing gangs and bulldogs. Booby's mission is to lead Alfred to a safe place.

Alfred doesn't know where he is going, he is on an exciting adventure.[2]


The player would use Booby's super abilities to help Alfred. When an enemy is in the player's way, they would use the A button to kick. The player would come across a gang wielding large nets or faced against a tough-looking bulldog, Booby would bravely take a fighting stance.


The game was initially planned to be released in May of 1991; however, it was delayed until June and then later pushed to one more month before it was cancelled for unknown reasons.

It was also shown in a playable form at Famicom Space World from April 24th to May 6th, 1991[3][4], advertised during the year, and was offered as a prize in a contest by a Japanese magazine.[5]

No prototypes or any other information on the game have resurfaced.


23:49 CSG Spring 1991 exhibition tape preview footage of the game