Super Gliders (partially found KOL animated web series; 2007)

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Super Gliders title card.jpg

The title card for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Super Gliders (also referred to as KOL Super Gliders) is an American animated web series for KOL, AOL's kids site. It stars Ariel and Kiki, two sugar gliders who were mascots of KOL. The series combines live glider footage with animation and was produced in partnership with World Leaders Entertainment.[1][2][3]

Ariel and Kiki previously had their own hugely popular area on the KOL service, complete with videos of their daily adventures, games, photo galleries, polls and more. KOL also featured educational information on sugar gliders and marsupials teaching kids fun factoids.


Ariel, the leader of the Sugar Gliders duo, and Kiki, the smart and bubbly, yet forgetful sidekick, are the heroes and main protagonists of the cartoon, responsible for stopping evil schemes around the world. Using their wild creativity and a slew of helpful friends, Ariel and Kiki battle the Terra-Tech crew, who each week plots to turn the Earth into one giant machine one tree or animal at a time.


Super Gliders debuted on AOL's KOL kids site in 2007, along with fellow cartoons Princess Natasha, SKWOD, Kung Fu Academy and Pilar’s Adventures. It was also hosted on KidMango.[4]


There exists a forum site about sugar gliders that reported on the show's debut in 2007. Episode titles and screenshots of the show were available[5] Joe Croson on his LinkedIn confirmed himself to be a writer on the show.[6]

The episode "The Fowl Feather Fiasco" was posted to Dailymotion on March 4, 2010 by user "Dilkolik_Forum". Currently, it is the only episode to be found.


# Episode Title Status
1 Mecha Beak and the Techno Trees Lost
2 The Fowl Feather Fiasco Found
3 Croakin' Krug Lost
4 The Cougar's Claw Lost
5 The Fowl Feather Fire Lost
6 Dino-Monsters Attack Sugar Summit Lost
7 Stolen Candy Lost
8 Forty Leagues to Freedom Lost
9 A Whale of a Wave Lost
10 A Villainous Vendetta Lost

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