Super Monkey Ball 2 (partially lost promotional monthly wallpapers for GameCube sequel platformer; 2002)

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Super monkey ball 2 boxart.png

The game's box art.

Status: Partially Lost

Super Monkey Ball 2 is a Nintendo GameCube title from 2002 created by Sega's Amusement Vision department. The player must roll a ball through difficult mazes and obstacle courses in a strict time limit. The plot revolves around the evil Dr. Bad Boon stealing all the bananas on Monkey Island, and it's up to AiAi and his friends to save the island from starvation!

The Japanese Super Monkey Ball 2 website would upload wallpapers for every month of the year. So far, 14 wallpapers are known to exist, however, only eight have been found with half of them being in a low resolution. These wallpapers were rediscovered and posted to Twitter by the user @glitterb0y_ on June 23rd, 2020.[1]

Later on November 8th of the same year, the user @BenSachsD would uncover some more wallpapers for the game.[2]

Lost wallpapers won't be listed unless there's a description of them on the website's archives.


February (First Variation)

Status: Found

This wallpaper depicts the main character, AiAi, skiing down a snowy mountain.

February (Second Variation)

Status: Partially Found

Similar to the first variation of the February wallpaper, except AiAi is snowboarding instead of skiing.

February (Third Variation)

Status: Partially Found

Another wallpaper for February, this time featuring AiAi as a Japanese ogre related to Setsubun, which is a festival held on the day before the start of spring according to the Japanese lunar calendar.


Status: Lost

This wallpaper likely would have been related to Nyūgakushiki, a school entrance ceremony in Japan.


Status: Found

AiAi is seen picking up clams off the beach.


Status: Found

A wallpaper featuring the main cast of the game.


Status: Partially Found

AiAi is seen catching bugs in a forest.


Status: Lost

Because of a poor translation, it's unknown what this wallpaper would have looked like. However, it is very likely to involve one of the characters dressed as a frog (potentially a kappa).


Status: Lost

According to the description, AiAi would have been seen surfing waves in this wallpaper.


Status: Found

AiAi is seen riding a dirt bike.


Status: Lost

This wallpaper would have depicted AiAi in a hot spring, possibly the one from the Bubbly Washing Machine world from the game.


Status: Partially Found

The first one has AiAi standing in front of a tree while holding a present, while the second image has AiAi dressed as Santa Claus.

July 2021

Status: Found

Original high-definition Super Monkey Ball 2 "Monkey Soccer" mini-game artwork is posted by the official English Super Monkey Ball Twitter account.


Cheesyboi's video on the subject.

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