Super Monkey Ball Mini (found tie-in Flash game; 2001)

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Title screen.

Status: Found

Date found: 18 May '17

Found by: Pikko

Super Monkey Ball Mini was an online Flash game published by Sega in 2001 to tie in with the Nintendo GameCube game Super Monkey Ball. It was considered an impressive Flash game at the time, with it featuring 3D courses that could be rotated, with the player tilting these courses to guide AiAi to the goal. The player could choose from 9 levels.

However, the game was eventually taken down around the mid-2000s, making it effectively unplayable. For many years, only the SWF for the menu stub survived, with the rest of the game being lost. This is because the game was spread out over several SWFs stored in one location. instead of storing all of the assets into one SWF file. This included the music, the graphics, and the levels.

On May 18, 2017, LMW user Pikko found the full game in its entirety on the website DonPixel.[1]


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