Ryukendo (partially found English dub of tokusatsu series; 2007)

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DVD Cover For Series.

Status: Partially Found

Ryukendo, also known as Madan Senki Ryukendo and Magic Bullet Chronicles Ryukendo is a Japanese tokusatsu television show by Takara and We've Inc. It ran for 50 episodes on TV Aichi between January 8 - December 31, 2006. It is also partially considered a prequel to the Tomica Hero Series, with the cast of the Ryukendo characters reprising their roles for the Tomica Hero Rescue Force Movie.

The series follows the Madan Warriors, a group of super-powered warriors with the ability to summon an animal spirit (or JuuOh), battling and preventing the evil forces of the demon army Jamanga from draining the citizens of Akebono City's Minus Energy to complete their sinister goals.

An English dub of the series was produced in Hong Kong for MediaLink and featured Emily Woo Zeller.[1] The series aired in a number of South East Asian markets. The first known run was in Singapore on Kids Central, which started on September 1, 2007.[2][Notes 1] In the Philippines, it allegedly ran on Cartoon Network during Toonami. The most recent broadcast came from Malaysia, where Ryukendo aired on Disney XD from November 26, 2012.[3]

There are no known home video releases of the dub and online footage largely remains limited to TV promos.


Partial capture of an English episode.
A promo for the show on Disney Channel Asia.
Kids Central Saturday Morning promo featuring Ryukendo footage.
A promo for the show on Disney XD.


  1. The listing linked is for the third episode of the series. The debut date has been estimated by tracking back to the start of the season as the channel premiered the series at the rate of one episode per week.


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