Sutla (found commercials for Filipino soap brand; 1990s)

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A still from the iconic "Skinderella" commercial.

Status: Found

Date found: 10 Sept 2020

Found by: Elizabeth Glowcal

Sutla is a Filipino soap brand by Glowcal Manufacturing Corporation, formerly Le Derma Skin Care.[1] Sometime in the late 1990s, commercials advertising the soap were made which aired on major Philippine TV networks that time.


There are variants of the said commercial. One of the known one is the "Skinderella" commercial. There is a boy that got interested in the girl and the two danced together. However, similar to a Cinderella trope, the clock strikes 12 and the girl ran somewhere. The boy followed her and he stumbled to his mother whose facial features were very similar to her daughter's. The daughter was in the car and the boy got embarrassed.

There is also a domino variant showcasing the other products and more low-budget than the Skinderella commercial. There is also a short version of the Skinderella commercial.


According to eyewitnesses, the commercial was aired on IBC-13 during Alas Dose sa Trese, Lunch Break, St. Peregrine's Healing Mass and the short version on It's Chowtime. It also aired along with a 3D Appliances commercial before the station ID on IBC-13. It also aired during various programs on RPN 9 and on Pira-pirasong Pangarap on GMA-7. It was aired in the late 1990s until the early 2000s, with eyewitness claims on the timeframe of 1996-1997 and GMA-7 on 2002. Earliest sighting of the internet can be traced back to 2004, where someone mentioned the commercial.[2] In 2009, PinoyExchange user starczamora described the commercial on one of the forums.[3]

On September 10, 2020, Elizabeth Glowcal, CEO of Glowcal Manufacturing Corporation uploaded a documentary with the commercial along with the other variants in it.[4] A day later, the "Skinderella" commercial was individually uploaded by her. She confirmed that it was directed by the late Gene Palomo, husband of late Ate Luds also known as Inday Badiday, and several actors in it which also starred her. She also claimed the commercial was made in 1995 and the commercial cost 1 million.[5]